Production Timeline  

Production Planning Meeting 30 minutes
Your team and ours meet to coordinate responsibilities for the shoot.
These can include:
  • Briefing others involved in the shoot
  • Providing security and/or obtaining security clearances
  • Checking locations will be ready
  • Arranging for props and equipment required
  • Arranging video crew facilities

Pre-Shoot Check
24 to 48 hour prior to the shoot, our contact Person will telephone all persons and locations involved in the shoot to confirm that all preparations agreed to at the Production Planning Meeting have been correctly performed.

The Shoot
You, or someone else in authority, will oversee each day's shoot. While shooting, you will be able to monitor the footage being taken. If for any reason you would like to change something, inform the Director, who will have the change(s) made and retake the shot. In most cases, location sound will be recorded. You approve the footage as it is shot.

Graphics, Stills, Voiceover and Music
Work on graphics such as logos, icons, charts and captions, plus transfer of any stills will be performed at our studio. If required, a voiceover track or tracks will be recorded. Music will be selected from our library or scored and recorded for the production. Any technical graphics, or any other work requiring prior approval, will be posted on our web site for your review and approval. All pre-production work is subject to your approval prior to inclusion in the final video.

After the shoot, editing and other post-production work takes place at our studio. You or your representative are invited to sit in during the editing if you wish. However, this is not required unless there are particularly complex or specific edits you need to supervise to ensure technical accuracy.
Editing is accomplished in two phases:

  • Initial Cut
  • Final Cut

Initial Cut Review: 1 hour
You review this rough-cut version of your video at our studio or on your premises. At this point, the video may not contain all elements of the final version; for example, some music or graphics may be missing. Because our Writer, Producer and Director have all worked closely with you throughout the production, the rough-cut should be close to the finished video. However, small modifications need to be identified and documented. You and the Team approve the rough-cut for content and continuity, and give any directions for improvements to be accomplished in the Final edited version.

Final Cut Review: 1 hour
At this point your program should be complete. Any previously suggested modifications will have been incorporated into the final version of your video as well as music, graphics and animation. You and the Team approve the complete video before roll out, duplication, DVD authoring or conversion to any other digital format for web streaming.

Additional Services
DVD copies of your video can be supplied in any format, including PAL and SECAM, for domestic and /or foreign distribution. Labels and cases can be provided if required. Quantity production of copies can be billed separately, or included in the original video project budget.

Foreign Language Versions, in any language, can be produced.

Print Materials to accompany the video, such as Presenter's Guides, Participant Workbooks, Tests or Quizzes, and Presentation Cases or Boxes can also be supplied.

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