HD Acquisition
Field Production

Why shoot High-Definition? HD is the new standard for all video productions. It offers many advantages over traditionally used standard-definition formats.

First, Your footage is captured with nearly three times the resolution of standard-definition. The difference is stunning. Even if your need today is standard-definition or lower resolution for the web your program can be down converted to satisfy these needs. At the same time your original HD files are untouched, future proofing your investment.

Second, Our Sony EX1 Cine Alta HD Camera has advanced features like solid-state recording, undercranking and overcranking. Features that are not available on any standard definition camera. This camera is also lighter and more portable allowing us to work more efficiently. We get more shots and better angles increasing program effectiveness and enhancing viewer interest.

Third, Because the EX1 records to solid-state media there is no need to log and digitize footage prior to editing. This streamlines the post production process, saving time and money.

The Bottom Line
Our approach to HD production is truly Faster, Cheaper, Better

Solid-State Recording and Editing

What is the significance of Solid-State recording and editing? Recording to solid-state SxS Express Cards is the latest enhancement to digital acquisition workflow. Every time the Sony EX1 camera stops recording a single digital file is created on the SxS Express Card. The HD files are then easily transferred to computer hard drives in their native format using a simple USB connection. This method of digital transfer is three times faster than real time yet preserves first generation quality. The footage is then ready to be edited on a computer specifically upgraded with both hardware and software for handling high-definition video, audio, graphics and animation.

Highest Quality is Maintained because all editing operations occur within the native HD format, there is no compromise in picture quality during the editing process.

Final Cut Studio our software of choice is a suite of applications that work hand in hand to edit pictures, sweeten sound tracks, create graphics, color correct and stylize images, and encode to the specific digital format output that's right for you. Our Apple Mac Pro Workstation gives us speed and power in the studio. And, our Mac Book Pro gives us portability to take the show on the road. This powerful combination of software and hardware is a revolutionary breakthrough in price/performance for high-definition acquisition and high-definition delivery.

Saves Time and Money since all operations including video editing, graphic and animation creation, musical scoring, audio mixing, even DVD and Blu-Ray authoring are performed on a single computer workstation. This coupled with instant access to all scenes allows more speed and creative freedom in assembling the elements and quickly exploring all options to provide the best cut of your material.

Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery is the release of your program on a digital format such as Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, CD or conversion to any number of digital formats for playing in a computer's media player or streaming on the web.

The Advantages of Digital Delivery are many. Image and sound quality that far surpasses that of VHS makes it ideal for trade-show kiosks. Ability to view on a computer workstation makes it more productive for delivering training in corporate settings. Because it is inexpensive to duplicate and ship makes Direct Marketing Video Campaigns extremely affordable. And finally, digital delivery makes viral propagation possible.

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