Process Management  

CREATIVE PROCESS MANAGEMENT allows us to work closely together throughout all stages of the production. An experience-proven, documented process, with all parties working as partners, accurately and imaginatively translates your business objectives into an effective program delivered in your choice of medium. (DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, INTERNET)

YOUR VIDEO PRODUCTION is needed to respond to a business situation or opportunity, and should be formulated to meet clear business goals. You or someone in your organization has a vision of how this video production will support your business objectives.

However strong the need, a finished program is still an intangible at this point. You may not be familiar with the processes we undertake together to make it a reality. This site provides an outline of the steps needed to fulfill your vision.

QUALITY is important in both the process and the finished product. A series of checkpoints and feedback throughout the creation and production process assures you of a finished video that enjoys high audience credibility and fulfills your expectations.

is divided into 7 phases:

Each phase is monitored and approved by you and your team. Some phases overlap, and the order may change, depending on the type of production

1.RESEARCH Research begins with a meeting between your team members and our creative team usually the writer, producer and director. During this meeting your team will introduce key players, share their objectives and establish the target date for completion of the project. Our team will listen carefully, analyze the audience and suggest possible creative approaches. Both of our teams should come to agreement on the general specifications for your program. This meeting should last approximately one hour.

Within a week we will present you with a document that puts in writing our creative concept, lays out the timeline for completion and specifies the budget for the production. Once agreement is reached production can begin.

2.SCRIPTING The Scripting process starts with the gathering of materials and information pertinent to the project. The writer will do this by reviewing documents, conducting personal interviews and "site surveys" of locations that may be featured. Once this fact-finding is complete a first draft will be written and submitted for review by your team. Following this any revisions will be drafted and a "Production Script" will be prepared. This stage usually takes between one and two weeks.

3.PRODUCTION During this phase our producer will work closely with your representative to guarantee a smooth workflow. Production starts with logistical planning, assembly of the shooting crew and casting. These preliminary steps usually take about a week. Once agreement is reached on all the details shooting begins.

The actual shoot may just be one day or more depending on the scope of your project and the number of locations that must be covered. Again your representative will work closely with our producer and director to ensure that the scenes being recorded are in accordance with your specifications. This working relationship is critical to a finished project that will meet or exceed your expectations without jeopardizing budget or timing requirements.

4.EDITING All good takes are transferred via Firewire in native digital format to our editing computer's hard drive. Here we have instant access and complete control of every element of your program. We start by combining the video with the basic sound track whether it was recorded on location or in our studio as a voice-over. Next, we create and add all graphic elements including motion titles, supers and animation. Following this we sweeten the program by adding any visual effects and 3D transitions. Finally, we select music and sound effects and mix a custom track. All this takes place in a non-destructive environment that allows for easily and efficiently accommodating any changes you may desire. At any time during this process we can export a low-resolution file which can be emailed to your office for instant comments and approval.

5.Graphics, Animation and Sound Creation To create graphics and animation we use a number of software packages including Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Commotion Pro, Boris Graffiti and Inscriber CG. Working closely during creation of graphic elements is crucial to getting it right the first time. Our approval process includes posting samples on our web site at an address that only you have access to. This practice makes it easy for you to stay involved with minimal time commitment.

6.Refinement Since you are seeing all elements combined for the first time in full resolution some final tweaking may still be necessary. Because our entire process takes place in a digital environment any changes in visuals, voice, graphics or music are all easily accomplished and your exact specifications met. Your program is now ready for Prime Time.

7.Delivery Your program is now ready for conversion to a variety of digital formats for DVD, CD or Web Streaming. It can also be laid back to digital tape for analogue distribution VHS.

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