YOU NEED TO complete a production and meet a deadline. Your program must sustain viewer interest and communicate your message in a memorable way. The quality of the finished product reflects on you and your organization. For these reasons, you demand the greatest confidence in the production team you choose.

OUR STYLE IS to work closely with you and your organization as partners, to develop the best possible program within the time and budget available. We provide the professional skills and talent you need to make your vision a reality.

WE LISTEN TO YOU, develop your directions through research and consultation, and provide you with a cost quotation, work schedule, and a creative process keyed to your requirements.

SCRIPTING IS THE BASIS for your video production. After research, development usually begins with a treatment and/or outline, and proceeds to a complete script. You approve each document. The result: a "blueprint" for your presentation, training program, or show.

PROGRAM CONTENT can be based on any event or live show, or created specifically for your production. The stage can be set on your premises, or at any location throughout the U.S. or overseas.

ALL THE TOOLS OF TELEVISION are at your disposal, including professional presenters and celebrity spokespeople, dramatization with a cast of actors, a convincing voiceover documentary style, a music video, or full animation.

CREATIVE APPROACHES can vary, including testimonial interviews, expert demonstrations, news report format, guest/host talk show, real life exchange or re-creation, drama, comedy, and more. Shooting styles and lighting, including use of Steadicam and other specialty equipment, achieve the look and effects you need.

ONCE THE SHOOT IS COMPLETED your footage will be edited using the latest digital technology including creation of any animation and 3D effects.

EDIT TECHNOLOGY can match your video requirements. Non-Linear Digital capability allows freedom and flexibility of creative decisions during the edit process. Broadcast quality graphics and effects are immediately available to enhance the viewer comprehension and look of your program.

SOUND IS A VITAL COMPONENT of any production. With CD-quality audio, digital sound processing and computerized mixing, we shape a soundscape around your video, polishing it to perfection.

AFTER INITIAL EDITING, we invite you to our studio for a first viewing of your video. We listen carefully to your comments and requests. We make every effort to satisfy your expectations with the finished program.

ONCE YOU AND YOUR TEAM AGREE that the final edit matches or exceeds your original vision, we can help with collateral materials, such as sleeve cover design, cases, quantity duplication, and delivery to any part of the world. We are experienced in providing for language translations and conversion to any of the different world television standards or digital formats for DVD, CD or Web Streaming.